Sharon’s Cheese Straws!Dangerously tasty! (I would also like this recipe but I imagine that it is top secret…)xo 

Sharon’s Cheese Straws!

Dangerously tasty! (I would also like this recipe but I imagine that it is top secret…)


Camille’s Cranberries!
Can you send me the recipe for this holiday treat?

Camille’s Cranberries!

Can you send me the recipe for this holiday treat?



This is only the best pizza in the world outside of that little place in Naples. Well, it could be better… it has been a while. If you go on Thursday’s (last time I checked) you can get a burrata special - the buttery creamy goodness only gets flown in every so often.  

I’m finally posting about this one today even though the pics were taken when my friend Lily and I went months ago… I decided it was only appropriate because we are doing Italian ladies night for the first time in forever this evening.

Even Batali agrees that the Keste crust is not to be missed. I actually first sampled it at Fashion’s Night Out a couple of year’s back in a boutique where everything was so ridiculously expensive they really should not have been serving the customers any pizza near the gorgeous clothing. (I only went in to try the pizza and champagne).

If there is a line for a table, even if it is zero degrees outside, it is completely worth the wait.  

Stuffed Poblanos

Sorry I made this so long ago that I do not even remember the exact recipe. However, I can tell you this - I used the kind of rice that you use for making paella (bomba) and I added white wine and chicken stock while cooking and when it was near completion I added the guts from some authentic chorizo sausages and cotija cheese til it was a delicious, gooey, creamy, spicy mess.

Poblanos are ideal but it works with bell peppers too. I just like the smokiness of the poblano and how it interacts with the spiciness of the chorizo. Give it a floor run, see how it plays

Street Stands Kowloon

I like that you can get your bubble tea at which is not some dating site on the interwebs, friends  - no, it is just another little street stand in Kowloon. You can also get some sort of poutine looking french fry dish as well as a fro-yo or a hot dog.
If my stomach had not been so bilious that trip I would have tried a HK street meat fave - grilled octopus w/ a special mustard sauce! I tried to get a good photo but there was a sign nearby that blatantly stated: “no photography”… I wonder why? Do they think trade secrets would be revealed? There’s always next time!

Pottery Grill Tuscaloosa Alabama

I think the pics say it all. Jonny and I are in Alabama y’all. Congrats to Bob and Emily on their wedding! xoxo

Pasta Primavera

I love the concept of Pasta Primavera but it so frequently comes in a heavy (i.e. inedible) cream sauce, which totally ruins it for me. I decided to just try it without the cream but use a little extra Parmesan, a bit of white wine and olive oil instead. The results were delicious!

Of course I don’t remember the exact proportions… as you probably know by now I am no measuring cup toting gal. Here is a list of ingredients that I used though and the order in which I used them:

Olive oil
Chopped onion, baby ‘bellas, red pepper, green beans, carrots, zucchini, and summer squash
Halved cherry tomatoes
Salt & Pepper
Dry white wine
Good fresh grated Parmesan cheese
Mushroom ravioli

Saute all veggies until just tender in a bit of olive oil (adding a tab of butter never hurt anyone either). Add salt & pepper as you stir. 
In the meantime make your ravioli.
Right before you are about to toss the pasta with the sauce, add your wine (just a splash really) and then add you cheese while stirring so as not to get any clumps. Et voila! the sauce will be more like a salsa but the tomato juices, wine and cheese should still adhere to the ravioli a bit. Buon appetito!


Fedora West Village

This place is a romantic gem! Apparently it used to be a bit of a gay landmark bar so it was only appropriate that we found ourselves eating there at the beginning of pride week 2011!  (yes, I have a huge backlog of photos that it’s taken me months to write about. deal with it.) With that said the photos above are sort of irrelevant because the menu has since changed… but I can honestly say that everything we ate was quite delicious - especially this little razor clam cerviche special that had what looked and tasted like rice crispies on top (probably were). This is not a cheap eats joint though… so save it for date night.

Best Damn Rack of Lamb: Room Service #2

I will always be trying and failing to reproduce the rack of lamb room service dish from the Sheraton Hong Kong. I think one major difference is the difference in proximity to the source - fact: they are closer to New Zealand than we are.